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10 Mistakes Dads Make


Amicable Divorce -- Possible?


Michigan's Parenting Time  (Visitation) Statute


New Case Makes it Easier to Get Parenting Time


Is Alimony Dead in Michigan? Think Again!


How Does Paternity Work in Michigan?


5 Hot Tips for Parents in Custody Battles


Got a Good Custody Case, Dad? Take the Quiz?

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DADS & MOMS of Michigan: 
DADS & MOMS is a non-profit affiliate of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children (ACFC).
DADS' mission is to ensure all children have both parents actively and equitably involved in their lives, and believes that "The best parent is BOTH parents."

Michigan Legislature:
Locate important statutes by number or by subject.

USA Today Article: Study: Joint custody best for kids after divorce

American Psychological Association Press Release:
 Children Likely to Be Better Adjusted in Joint vs. Sole Custody Arrangements

Child Custody Act of 1970
The Child Custody Act is the law adopted by most states in determining child custody.

Child Custody - Best Interest of the Child Factors
These are the 12 factors used in custody determination. A significant change of circumstances is required to change custody, therefore it is best to establish a good custody or parenting time arrangement in the beginning with a strong parenting plan.

Michigan Custody Guidelines
This document outlines the guidelines for the Michigan courts and FOC in determining custody.

Michigan Child Support Formula
Information by the Michigan Courts for calculating child support payments.


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