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New Case Makes it Easier to Have Parenting Time in Michigan

By William J. Reisdorf, J.D., Michigan Family Law Attorney


A case came down from the Michigan Court of Appeals that finally says what we family lawyers have long awaited -- but needed to back up with a case. Now we have one:


CAROLYN MICHELLE SHADE v. STUART NEIL WRIGHT, JR (Michigan Court of Appeals, 12-2-2010) says that the “threshold” necessary to ask for a parenting time change IS NOT as serious as a petition to change custody. The only exception is if the amount of parenting time you’re requesting is so drastic that it’s like a custody change. Then it will require the greater “custody threshold.”


To get a copy of the official opinion on this case, just Google the full case name and the official court opinion will appear for you to download. For more information on parenting time or any family law issue, feel free to contact me.




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